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Which ICO marketing strategy for a successful ICO?

Things to consider for ICO marketing to launch a successful ICO

To understand either ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or token ICO marketing, you have to understand how ICO marketing and PR services help a successful ICO fundraising campaign. A great ICO marketing and PR service can mean the difference between a successful or mediocre ICO. They help in developing the introductory strategy, the digital marketing channels, the creation of sticky content for various media, the branding placement, and to define the target audience and provisioning of the eventual application.

ICO Marketing Explained

ICO marketing and strategy involves many crucial aspects, from web development, advanced search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PR, prototype development are all needed for launching a successful ICO.

Product Validation Analysis


You may have a great idea but are still not sure whether it’s ready for the market. Do you have a detailed roadmap for applying your idea on blockchain? If not, an experienced ICO marketing service will analyze your idea and convert it into a viable, real-world application for you. They will help you understand the market so that you’re able to visualize and establish your product towards success.

Roadmap & ICO Marketing Strategy

A clearly defined roadmap helps you to move from the ideation stage to actually implement your idea. You will need to create a detailed roadmap, one step at a time, so show future investors how you will implement your idea in the real world. Once done, a foolproof ICO marketing strategy is needed so that you can maximise your resources.

Brand, Web, and Social Media Expertise

To help your business stand out of the clutter in the market, a good ICO marketing service will create an efficient, customized strategy for creating awareness, as well as brand recognition, for your implemented product and business. The main focus areas include organic search engine and social media placement, paid placements, and exposure on trackers (including Bitcointalk, Steemit, Reddit, and other platforms).

Trust and Transparency is key

Establishing project transparency is the primary requirement for the success of an ICO marketing strategy. Linkedin profiles need to be completed as much as possible. This will help in relaying team strengths. Regular activity, as well as responsiveness, must be carried out in the most productive and relevant social media channels including Twitter, Bitcoin Forums, Reddit, Discord, Slack, Telegram, and many more. Your community of ICO supporters and investors must be kept abreast of your latest news and development.

Premium Placement in News Outlets

To launch or establish a successful business, getting the attention of your target audience is the key to success. News outlets are the most important, effective, and viable media for blockchain applications to reach your target audience. However, with all the noise in the market, it’s really challenging for blockchain start-ups to get their names in the premium news outlets. This is where an experience ICO marketing service come to your rescue. They will use their news contact networks to place your company in premium positions and slots so that your target audience views your message.

International Bounty Program

Recognising the blockchain community is important, especially to complete marketing tasks or to report bugs. The best way for ICOs to get recognised by the blockchain community is by offering a bounty campaign. This is where an ICO marketing service will help you to properly organise your airdrop and coordinate the entire bounty campaign.

Reputation Management

Managing your reputation in this increasingly hostile, spam ridden, online space is very important. An ICO marketing company’s team of experts and content editors ensure to your brand reputation gets 360 degree protection. They focus on spotting the harmful or negative content rapidly and reacting instantly so that the issue is addressed before it causes damage or even gains traction.

Community Management

Every crowdfunding campaign needs active engagement from the community. That’s why constant presence in the social media networks, message boards, Telegram, and other media is essential for answering questions and building community trust. An ICO marketing team can help you with dedicated resources for optimising your presence in these platforms, thereby ensuring complete engagement from the investing community.

Public Relations

Marketing and PR campaigns help blockchain start-ups and ICO businesses to flourish.  A subject matter expert  will help you in writing PR content so that it’s fit for distribution on all leading news and specialized platforms.

ICO Marketing Companies Have Higher Performance in Raising Funds

An experienced ICO marketing agency can help you to achieve and surpass your fundraising goals. Years of experience and proven track record of End2EndFactory in the blockchain business has helped it to develop unique connections with leading channels of distribution.

ICO Digital Marketing

End2EndFactory, an established ICO marketing agency with a proven track record. We develop a foolproof marketing strategy for your ICO throughout the various stages of product ideation to implementation, connecting each stage with the other so that the investing community well receives your digital footprint.

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