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Is a Reverse ICO right for your business?

What is a Reverse ICO?

If blockchain based Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has revolutionized the financial world then Reverse ICOs are redefining the business arena by helping established businesses to raise funds.

If you, as a business person, are planning to raise additional capital to expand your business, to get a stronger foothold in your business domain, or to increase your competitive edge in the crypto economy or blockchain industry, then a Reverse ICO can become the perfect platform for you to raise funds.

Many existing companies are currently taking the route of decentralization for sustenance or to seek growth. These companies can transform themselves from the current limited centralized entity into a liberating and more open blockchain-based infrastructure.

It’s a fact that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have disrupted the traditional form of raising capital, thereby helping different industries experience a major push towards growth. In fact, technology start-ups are the major gainers from ICOs. These blockchain-based new offers have raised funds, used to launch their products and services.

How can a reverse ICO help an established enterprise?

Established companies already having a successful line of products along with a flourishing business qualify. For further expansion of their businesses, these existing companies can use the Reverse ICO route. They are quite similar to the time-honored IPOs (Initial Public Offers). A Reverse ICO helps established businesses to raise funds for infrastructural expansion, to create a more secure place in the rapidly expanding blockchain economy. It also helps investors to obtain equity in an established company that has an irrefutable track record.

Investment Solutions and Strategies

Reverse Initial Coin Offerings (Reverse ICOs) help investors find amazing exit strategies for their organizations, making up their portfolio. Professional Reverse ICO Services help to provide insight into the market standing of your business, to distribute equity in a transparent manner with liquidity and technological sophistication. When conducting a Reverse ICO, it’s important for a business entity to protect equity holders’ interests.

Is a Reverse ICO suitable for your business model or product?


Reverse ICOs are bringing a paradigm shift in the market for raising capital. However, decentralization can be beneficial for an established business enterprise only when its execution is done correctly. It is important to consult a specialized decentralization consulting services that helps enterprises make a proper assessment of the blockchain technologies for their business, including the associated benefits and the constraints. From legal compliance checks to equity distribution consultancy,  comprehensive multi-phase guidance is needed to enjoy the benefits of a successful, as well as seamless, Reverse Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

End2EndFactory’s Reverse ICO Services

Do you want to expand your business? End2EndFactory helps your business to embrace the decentralization power by offering comprehensive Reverse ICO Consulting service, operational analysis, legal advisory, and operational guidance.

Raise funds with End2EndFactory’s proven expertise in Reverse Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). We help our clients to decentralize their business infrastructure and provide a competitive edge in this crypto economy. We help you to decentralize your established business for future proofing.

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