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Seamless Enterprise Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

End2EndFactory offers Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) for enterprises that focus on the development of the application with a platform agnostic approach. Our seamless BaaS model for enterprises includes Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation, Creation of Industry-Specific Application, Comprehensive Technical Ability, Customized Blockchain Blockchain Solutions, Developer Training, and Executive Training.
Enterprise Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

End2EndFactory’s team of experts analyzes and determines the right enterprise blockchain strategy that is perfect for your business. We work together with our clients from the ground up and focus to provide them with sector-specific as well as scalable blockchain applications.

Industry-Specific Application Creation
Our team of experts has years of experience and a proven track record in industry-specific application creation. As you develop your blockchain application, we help in improving the efficiency of your doing business. Blockchain can seem complex but our expertise simplifies the technology and articulates clearly so that it perfectly supports your business.

Comprehensive Technical Ability
End2EndFactory’s team of experts helps in determining the right enterprise blockchain solution for your business. Our team specializes in a wide array of technical abilities, thereby helping you in a vast range of services including Smart Business Contracts, Blockchain Data Storage Solutions, Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems, Distributed Ledgers for Financial Transparency, and many more focused applications.

Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Our proven track record and years of experience in blockchain technology and industry help us to provide industry-specific blockchain application solutions that are best for your business. We help you to improve your business by advising you on sector-specific applications that specialize in finance, supply chain, real estate, and database management. Our blockchain consultancy and evaluation services ensure seamless integration of blockchain technology into the existing platforms of our client’s business without disrupting the existing operations. Our blockchain advisory results in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and elimination of systematic errors and frauds.

Developer Training
Finding experienced as well as talented blockchain developers nowadays are very difficult. We sort this out for you. Our blockchain professionals provide your existing staffs with required training so that they can have a practical understanding of blockchain technology, its core functioning, and its application in your business. Contact End2EndFactory for developer training.

Executive Training
Blockchain expert team of End2EndFactory provides advanced level training to the employees of our clients so that they can easily get past the steep learning curve of the blockchain. Our executive training program will help your executives with enterprise blockchain, non-disruptive deployment techniques, major and side chains, and many more.

Industries that can Benefit from Blockchain
Health Care Industry
Blockchain Technology is used most efficiently by the healthcare industry, especially in the field of Digital Identity. Healthcare industry benefits from increased security, enhanced efficiency, and most importantly improved institutional interoperability. Record management is one of the most beneficial aspects enjoyed by this industry through blockchain implementation. There are many enterprises that are currently developing multi sig records. Template based patient diagnosis logs are working flawlessly with the existing protocols such as HL 7 and SNOMED CT.

Fintech has benefitted a lot from the blockchain powered wallets. Adoption of the blockchain technology has helped Fintech sector reduce costs related to the service desk. This has become possible as the technology provisions have led to enhanced transparency, immutability and multi sig contracts, which in turn is helpful for businesses for release as well as escrow funds.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain sector has been a major beneficiary of adopting blockchain technology as it has been especially helpful in transactions on the immutable ledger. This, in turn, helps by negating double spending, optimizing LTL market through reduction of carbon footprint, and tracking assets efficiently. Proper blockchain technology adoption by supply chain sector reduces insane commissions from freight brokers.

Real Estate
Blockchain has significantly helped the real estate businesses. Asset and property management has become significantly easier with blockchain technology as it has helped in digitization of assets, reduction of human errors in the records, creation of competitive home loans as well as insurance marketplace. With the adoption of blockchain technology, real estate businesses can now alleviate risk mitigation measures more accurately and easily.

Insurance sector applies blockchain for IoT integrated risk management. It helps the sector in data-driven decision making as well as machine learning. These help in the quantification of risk, thereby helping insurance companies in easy scaling so that they can incentivize policyholders.

The energy industry has applied blockchain technology for a decentralized energy data exchange platform. A range of application hosting facilitates energy data analysis as well as benchmarking. Other benefits include smart grid management, validation of energy trade, and trade of green certificates.

Blockchain technology has been successfully applied by the construction sector by customizing smart contracts with subcontractors. Important benefits of its adoption by the construction sector include superior ERP & HR management platforms, biometric identity decentralization, and streamlined project management applications. All these features help in reducing employee turnover significantly.

Adoption of blockchain technology in the supply chain of agriculture brings more farm-to-table transparency. Now, the agriculture sector can create logs according to nutritional labels and the origin of the product. Blockchain also helps create co-op operations, which works with retailers as well as consumers directly. Blockchain can help the agriculture sector to properly administer creation of subsidized agricultural operations as well as small business loans by using triple bottom line conscience for the lenders. Blockchains also help the agricultural sector in providing certifications on purity, non-organic, organic, and GMO practices.

In governance, blockchains play an important role through application in a trustless voting system, put into place with DAO and smart contracts. More transparency can be brought in the electoral process as well as electoral campaign fund management.
SEC compliance contracts are now easier to get, which in turn help in keeping political campaigns stay compliant. Compliance can also be ensured through voting of a company board on a particular decision or an entire network agreeing upon an autonomous decision about going forward. High-level identity management framework will now become a reality and will help in self-governance as well as democratic elections.

Atomic Swap Services
The blockchain is an enormous ecosystem, consisting of thousands of cryptocurrencies that are competing with one another (such as Bitcoin vs Altcoins). However, cryptocurrency market can radically transform with the introduction of atomic swaps that helps in advanced interoperability between competitors of Bitcoin and Altcoin. End2EndFactory’s blockchain consulting and evaluation service offers atomic swap solutions that help ICOs in facilitating instant trades among cryptocurrencies. With Atomic Swap Services your ICO can develop transactions that aren’t influenced by the 3rd parties as the specifications will be outlined in the customized blockchain solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain Advisory Services
End2EndFactory’s enterprise blockchain advisory services help established companies optimize their ICO campaigns. Our blockchain consulting and evaluation services for enterprises include pre-sale investment strategy creation to ensure that adequate liquidity is maintained at the time of listing and maximization of investor exposure during the Initial Coin Offering’s (ICO) public launch. Our experienced team of experts will provide your enterprise guidance throughout the entire crowd-raising process. The advisory services during this process include the audit of documents as well as the provision of direct access to our wide network of investors. Your crowd-raise can directly access the global technical team, where End2EndFactory’s team can guide you on your token.
Our team of experts makes enterprise blockchain integration process extremely simple. End2EndFactory’s blockchain evaluation and consulting services team will evaluate the blockchain to determine the best possible solution suitable for your enterprise.

End2EndFactory Helps in Enterprise Blockchain Adoption
The blockchain adoption process for an enterprise can be tricky and complex. That’s where we come in to help the enterprises with our customized and simplest possible adoption trajectory. Our team of experts can not only devise an enterprise blockchain platform for your company but also produce an enterprise blockchain software system which serves various needs of the enterprise as well as create a viable enterprise blockchain solution.
End2EndFactory Helps Enterprises Get the Most Enterprise Blockchain Benefits
End2EndFactory provides enterprise blockchain consulting services and solutions for both enterprise architecture and blockchain enterprise software companies. With expansion in the scope of blockchain technology, solutions of enterprise blockchain will continue to consolidate its position in the market. We, at End2EndFactory, help enterprises to integrate a wide array of enterprise blockchain applications smoothly and easily, without creating disruption of business.

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blockchain hyperledger end2endfactory

Hyperledger: Open Source Blockchain

Hyperledger in a nutshell.

Hyperledger helps to enable re-use of common building blocks and at the same time facilitate faster innovation of DLT components. This process enhances efficiency.

Open Source Blockchain

The hyperledger project was launched by the Linux Foundation back in 2015. This project helps in the blockchain-based distributed ledgers’ collaborative development. In the process, Hyperledger provides a wide array of blockchain open sources as well as related tools. This is extremely good news for those who are planning to launch token or blockchain technology-based programs as the development process gets streamlined through common resource provision for all to share.

The blockchain space is all set to experience a revolutionizing start with Hyperledger project. Hyperledger project will definitely continue changing blockchain space for the better.

Benefits For Global Business Transactions

The Hyperledger project helps in improving performance as well as the reliability of both blockchains and distributed ledgers, thereby rendering them fit to support global business transactions. More and more companies are learning the benefits of Hyperledger and that’s why some of the most established companies, and biggest names in the industry such as IBM, Microsoft, United Nations are getting involved in the project.

Blockchain for the Masses

By launching Hyperledger project, the mission of Linux Foundation is to bring the coveted blockchain technology into the mainstream and out of the shadows that create unnecessary myths around it. Hyperledger project encourages cross-industry collaboration through the development of shared blockchains as well as distributed databases.

Hyperledger Blockchain Platforms

Hyperledger Blockchain Platform consists of 5 major blockchain frameworks. Each of them has their specific usage. With more and more businesses becoming aware of the blockchain technology’s  immense potential, more pop-ups are expected to come in the near future.

The 5 blockchain frameworks are

  • Hyperledger Burrow
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger Iroha
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger Indy

Hyperledger Burrow

This is a ‘permissionable’ smart contract machine that was released back in December 2014. This blockchain framework provides you with a modular blockchain client having a smart contract interpreter (with adequate permissions) that was built in part to EVM’s (Ethereum Virtual Machine) specifications.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric allows consensus as well as membership service components to be plugged in and played. It comes with a modular architecture that has the intended foundation for developing solutions or applications.

Hyperledger Iroha

This is essentially a business blockchain framework. Its design is simple as well as easy and can be incorporated into the infrastructural projects through distributed ledger technology.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain framework is essentially a modular platform that can be used to build, deploy, and run distributed ledgers. This blockchain framework comes with a novel consensus algorithm and PoET (Proof of Elapsed Time) that targets large distributed validator populations by consuming the minimal amount of resources.

Hyperledger Indy

This blockchain framework is essentially a distributed ledger that has been built for the specific purpose of achieving decentralized identity. Hyperledger Indy not only provides you with tools but also with libraries as well as reusable components so that independent digital identities can be created and used. These independent digital identities have their roots either on blockchains or other distributed ledgers, promoting interoperability.

Hyperledger Tools

Hyperledger offers a wide array of tools in addition to the above mentioned Hyperledger blockchain platforms. These tools help in speeding up the process of development, especially for those who look forward to inhabiting the blockchain space.

Many Hyperledger tools are currently in the process of development. However, currently at the time of writing, the following 4 main Hyperledger available tools are:

  • Hyperledger Cello
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Hyperledger Explorer
  • Hyperledger Quilt

Hyperledger Cello
This Hyperledger Tool helps in bringing the on-demand deployment model as-a-service to the ecosystem of the blockchain, thereby reducing the efforts needed to create, manage, and terminate blockchains.

Hyperledger Composer
It is a collaboration tool, helping to build blockchain business networks, accelerate smart contract development, and ultimately deploy across a distributed ledger.

Hyperledger Explorer
Hyperledger Explorer is an extremely useful tool for viewing, invoking, deploying or querying blocks, transactions & associated data, chain codes & transaction families, network information, and other relevant information that are stored in the ledger.

Hyperledger Quilt
Hyperledger Quilt is an important tool that helps interoperability among ledger systems. This is done through the implementation of ILP, which is essentially a payments protocol, designed for transferring value throughout the ledger systems (both distributed and non-distributed).

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is the key to business success. This basic idea of success is also shared by the core belief system of the Hyperledger team.

The sense of unity along with the shared vision of the future of the blockchain technology as well as the wider community of cryptocurrency makes it beneficial for everyone. In fact, it’s this idea of a connected world that benefits all. This sense of shared vision and benefit to all concepts was first understood by Satoshi Nakamoto, the person or the team that developed Bitcoin, back in 2009. The same benefit-all concept and idea are still living on currently among the disruptive spirit of the “Cyperpunks”.

We, at End2EndFactory, fully understand the extremely competitive nature of this business. However, we are also aware of the fact that downright ruthless competition also comes with a sense of collaboration, especially when it comes to the shared goals. That’s why Hyperledger project is so unique and has drawn the most successful business houses towards it.

Are you interested in Hyperledger Support?

Get In Touch! We’re here to help.
Get in touch with End2EndFactory’s team of experts so that we can guide and assist you to take full advantage of the innovative tools of Hyperledger and blockchain. We’ll help you with our comprehensive blockchain and Hyperledger Support so that you can realize your unique vision in an efficient manner.

End2EndFactory is looking forward to hearing from you!

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Raised a successful ICO? What next?


Financial Reporting
Integrity builds trust and we at End2EndFactory support our clients with the best possible financial reporting, thereby enhancing their financial integrity in the market and ultimately build trust. Our experienced financial professional team creates, audits, and builds financial reports for you. Our post-ICO services ensure that your customer trust is maintained once the ICO is complete. We offer you a comprehensive service to ensure that.

Board Guidance
The success of a post-ICO depends on the decisions your board of directors makes. We leverage our ICO experience to guide your board members’ decision making so that your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) gets the right market placement and further build consumer trust. Get our Post ICO board guidance service and feel the difference.

Marketing and Product Placement
Your token value depends upon the performance of your platform. Your token sale will never gear up until and unless your ICO platform is performing well. End2EndFactory’s team of experts have years of experience and proven track record to provide you with the comprehensive post-ICO strategy that focuses on complete operational efficiency. Once your ICO is complete, we take care of your post ICO strategy so that you can focus on management as well as control.

Token Control
Get control of your tokens with End2EndFactory’s comprehensive post-ICO services. When you are dealing with tokens, you can’t afford to lose control over them, especially because of their decentralized nature. Your platform will be at risk if you lose control of the tokens. Token managers of End2EndFactory have extensive experience to help you in gaining control of your token ecosystem by providing a wide array of Post ICO services including wallet management, daily price variations, trading volumes, exchange updates, and integration, or others. We help you take control of your token.
Long-Term Business Development
We, at End2EndFactory, create a long-term business strategy for you so that business prospect of your company improves. Our team of experts creates a customized solution for your platform by providing location-specific regulatory compliance, comprehensive business planning, and marketing structure so that your company gets the cherished business growth.

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Reverse ICO End2EndFactory

Is a Reverse ICO right for your business?

What is a Reverse ICO?

If blockchain based Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has revolutionized the financial world then Reverse ICOs are redefining the business arena by helping established businesses to raise funds.

If you, as a business person, are planning to raise additional capital to expand your business, to get a stronger foothold in your business domain, or to increase your competitive edge in the crypto economy or blockchain industry, then a Reverse ICO can become the perfect platform for you to raise funds.

Many existing companies are currently taking the route of decentralization for sustenance or to seek growth. These companies can transform themselves from the current limited centralized entity into a liberating and more open blockchain-based infrastructure.

It’s a fact that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have disrupted the traditional form of raising capital, thereby helping different industries experience a major push towards growth. In fact, technology start-ups are the major gainers from ICOs. These blockchain-based new offers have raised funds, used to launch their products and services.

How can a reverse ICO help an established enterprise?

Established companies already having a successful line of products along with a flourishing business qualify. For further expansion of their businesses, these existing companies can use the Reverse ICO route. They are quite similar to the time-honored IPOs (Initial Public Offers). A Reverse ICO helps established businesses to raise funds for infrastructural expansion, to create a more secure place in the rapidly expanding blockchain economy. It also helps investors to obtain equity in an established company that has an irrefutable track record.

Investment Solutions and Strategies

Reverse Initial Coin Offerings (Reverse ICOs) help investors find amazing exit strategies for their organizations, making up their portfolio. Professional Reverse ICO Services help to provide insight into the market standing of your business, to distribute equity in a transparent manner with liquidity and technological sophistication. When conducting a Reverse ICO, it’s important for a business entity to protect equity holders’ interests.

Is a Reverse ICO suitable for your business model or product?


Reverse ICOs are bringing a paradigm shift in the market for raising capital. However, decentralization can be beneficial for an established business enterprise only when its execution is done correctly. It is important to consult a specialized decentralization consulting services that helps enterprises make a proper assessment of the blockchain technologies for their business, including the associated benefits and the constraints. From legal compliance checks to equity distribution consultancy,  comprehensive multi-phase guidance is needed to enjoy the benefits of a successful, as well as seamless, Reverse Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

End2EndFactory’s Reverse ICO Services

Do you want to expand your business? End2EndFactory helps your business to embrace the decentralization power by offering comprehensive Reverse ICO Consulting service, operational analysis, legal advisory, and operational guidance.

Raise funds with End2EndFactory’s proven expertise in Reverse Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). We help our clients to decentralize their business infrastructure and provide a competitive edge in this crypto economy. We help you to decentralize your established business for future proofing.

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ico marketing strategy end2endfactory

Which ICO marketing strategy for a successful ICO?

Things to consider for ICO marketing to launch a successful ICO

To understand either ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or token ICO marketing, you have to understand how ICO marketing and PR services help a successful ICO fundraising campaign. A great ICO marketing and PR service can mean the difference between a successful or mediocre ICO. They help in developing the introductory strategy, the digital marketing channels, the creation of sticky content for various media, the branding placement, and to define the target audience and provisioning of the eventual application.

ICO Marketing Explained

ICO marketing and strategy involves many crucial aspects, from web development, advanced search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PR, prototype development are all needed for launching a successful ICO.

Product Validation Analysis


You may have a great idea but are still not sure whether it’s ready for the market. Do you have a detailed roadmap for applying your idea on blockchain? If not, an experienced ICO marketing service will analyze your idea and convert it into a viable, real-world application for you. They will help you understand the market so that you’re able to visualize and establish your product towards success.

Roadmap & ICO Marketing Strategy

A clearly defined roadmap helps you to move from the ideation stage to actually implement your idea. You will need to create a detailed roadmap, one step at a time, so show future investors how you will implement your idea in the real world. Once done, a foolproof ICO marketing strategy is needed so that you can maximise your resources.

Brand, Web, and Social Media Expertise

To help your business stand out of the clutter in the market, a good ICO marketing service will create an efficient, customized strategy for creating awareness, as well as brand recognition, for your implemented product and business. The main focus areas include organic search engine and social media placement, paid placements, and exposure on trackers (including Bitcointalk, Steemit, Reddit, and other platforms).

Trust and Transparency is key

Establishing project transparency is the primary requirement for the success of an ICO marketing strategy. Linkedin profiles need to be completed as much as possible. This will help in relaying team strengths. Regular activity, as well as responsiveness, must be carried out in the most productive and relevant social media channels including Twitter, Bitcoin Forums, Reddit, Discord, Slack, Telegram, and many more. Your community of ICO supporters and investors must be kept abreast of your latest news and development.

Premium Placement in News Outlets

To launch or establish a successful business, getting the attention of your target audience is the key to success. News outlets are the most important, effective, and viable media for blockchain applications to reach your target audience. However, with all the noise in the market, it’s really challenging for blockchain start-ups to get their names in the premium news outlets. This is where an experience ICO marketing service come to your rescue. They will use their news contact networks to place your company in premium positions and slots so that your target audience views your message.

International Bounty Program

Recognising the blockchain community is important, especially to complete marketing tasks or to report bugs. The best way for ICOs to get recognised by the blockchain community is by offering a bounty campaign. This is where an ICO marketing service will help you to properly organise your airdrop and coordinate the entire bounty campaign.

Reputation Management

Managing your reputation in this increasingly hostile, spam ridden, online space is very important. An ICO marketing company’s team of experts and content editors ensure to your brand reputation gets 360 degree protection. They focus on spotting the harmful or negative content rapidly and reacting instantly so that the issue is addressed before it causes damage or even gains traction.

Community Management

Every crowdfunding campaign needs active engagement from the community. That’s why constant presence in the social media networks, message boards, Telegram, and other media is essential for answering questions and building community trust. An ICO marketing team can help you with dedicated resources for optimising your presence in these platforms, thereby ensuring complete engagement from the investing community.

Public Relations

Marketing and PR campaigns help blockchain start-ups and ICO businesses to flourish.  A subject matter expert  will help you in writing PR content so that it’s fit for distribution on all leading news and specialized platforms.

ICO Marketing Companies Have Higher Performance in Raising Funds

An experienced ICO marketing agency can help you to achieve and surpass your fundraising goals. Years of experience and proven track record of End2EndFactory in the blockchain business has helped it to develop unique connections with leading channels of distribution.

ICO Digital Marketing

End2EndFactory, an established ICO marketing agency with a proven track record. We develop a foolproof marketing strategy for your ICO throughout the various stages of product ideation to implementation, connecting each stage with the other so that the investing community well receives your digital footprint.

Are you Ready to Start?

Contact End2EndFactory ICO marketing agency NOW.

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