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Seamless Enterprise Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

End2EndFactory offers Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) for enterprises that focus on the development of the application with a platform agnostic approach. Our seamless BaaS model for enterprises includes Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation, Creation of Industry-Specific Application, Comprehensive Technical Ability, Customized Blockchain Blockchain Solutions, Developer Training, and Executive Training.
Enterprise Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

End2EndFactory’s team of experts analyzes and determines the right enterprise blockchain strategy that is perfect for your business. We work together with our clients from the ground up and focus to provide them with sector-specific as well as scalable blockchain applications.

Industry-Specific Application Creation
Our team of experts has years of experience and a proven track record in industry-specific application creation. As you develop your blockchain application, we help in improving the efficiency of your doing business. Blockchain can seem complex but our expertise simplifies the technology and articulates clearly so that it perfectly supports your business.

Comprehensive Technical Ability
End2EndFactory’s team of experts helps in determining the right enterprise blockchain solution for your business. Our team specializes in a wide array of technical abilities, thereby helping you in a vast range of services including Smart Business Contracts, Blockchain Data Storage Solutions, Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems, Distributed Ledgers for Financial Transparency, and many more focused applications.

Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Our proven track record and years of experience in blockchain technology and industry help us to provide industry-specific blockchain application solutions that are best for your business. We help you to improve your business by advising you on sector-specific applications that specialize in finance, supply chain, real estate, and database management. Our blockchain consultancy and evaluation services ensure seamless integration of blockchain technology into the existing platforms of our client’s business without disrupting the existing operations. Our blockchain advisory results in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and elimination of systematic errors and frauds.

Developer Training
Finding experienced as well as talented blockchain developers nowadays are very difficult. We sort this out for you. Our blockchain professionals provide your existing staffs with required training so that they can have a practical understanding of blockchain technology, its core functioning, and its application in your business. Contact End2EndFactory for developer training.

Executive Training
Blockchain expert team of End2EndFactory provides advanced level training to the employees of our clients so that they can easily get past the steep learning curve of the blockchain. Our executive training program will help your executives with enterprise blockchain, non-disruptive deployment techniques, major and side chains, and many more.

Industries that can Benefit from Blockchain
Health Care Industry
Blockchain Technology is used most efficiently by the healthcare industry, especially in the field of Digital Identity. Healthcare industry benefits from increased security, enhanced efficiency, and most importantly improved institutional interoperability. Record management is one of the most beneficial aspects enjoyed by this industry through blockchain implementation. There are many enterprises that are currently developing multi sig records. Template based patient diagnosis logs are working flawlessly with the existing protocols such as HL 7 and SNOMED CT.

Fintech has benefitted a lot from the blockchain powered wallets. Adoption of the blockchain technology has helped Fintech sector reduce costs related to the service desk. This has become possible as the technology provisions have led to enhanced transparency, immutability and multi sig contracts, which in turn is helpful for businesses for release as well as escrow funds.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain sector has been a major beneficiary of adopting blockchain technology as it has been especially helpful in transactions on the immutable ledger. This, in turn, helps by negating double spending, optimizing LTL market through reduction of carbon footprint, and tracking assets efficiently. Proper blockchain technology adoption by supply chain sector reduces insane commissions from freight brokers.

Real Estate
Blockchain has significantly helped the real estate businesses. Asset and property management has become significantly easier with blockchain technology as it has helped in digitization of assets, reduction of human errors in the records, creation of competitive home loans as well as insurance marketplace. With the adoption of blockchain technology, real estate businesses can now alleviate risk mitigation measures more accurately and easily.

Insurance sector applies blockchain for IoT integrated risk management. It helps the sector in data-driven decision making as well as machine learning. These help in the quantification of risk, thereby helping insurance companies in easy scaling so that they can incentivize policyholders.

The energy industry has applied blockchain technology for a decentralized energy data exchange platform. A range of application hosting facilitates energy data analysis as well as benchmarking. Other benefits include smart grid management, validation of energy trade, and trade of green certificates.

Blockchain technology has been successfully applied by the construction sector by customizing smart contracts with subcontractors. Important benefits of its adoption by the construction sector include superior ERP & HR management platforms, biometric identity decentralization, and streamlined project management applications. All these features help in reducing employee turnover significantly.

Adoption of blockchain technology in the supply chain of agriculture brings more farm-to-table transparency. Now, the agriculture sector can create logs according to nutritional labels and the origin of the product. Blockchain also helps create co-op operations, which works with retailers as well as consumers directly. Blockchain can help the agriculture sector to properly administer creation of subsidized agricultural operations as well as small business loans by using triple bottom line conscience for the lenders. Blockchains also help the agricultural sector in providing certifications on purity, non-organic, organic, and GMO practices.

In governance, blockchains play an important role through application in a trustless voting system, put into place with DAO and smart contracts. More transparency can be brought in the electoral process as well as electoral campaign fund management.
SEC compliance contracts are now easier to get, which in turn help in keeping political campaigns stay compliant. Compliance can also be ensured through voting of a company board on a particular decision or an entire network agreeing upon an autonomous decision about going forward. High-level identity management framework will now become a reality and will help in self-governance as well as democratic elections.

Atomic Swap Services
The blockchain is an enormous ecosystem, consisting of thousands of cryptocurrencies that are competing with one another (such as Bitcoin vs Altcoins). However, cryptocurrency market can radically transform with the introduction of atomic swaps that helps in advanced interoperability between competitors of Bitcoin and Altcoin. End2EndFactory’s blockchain consulting and evaluation service offers atomic swap solutions that help ICOs in facilitating instant trades among cryptocurrencies. With Atomic Swap Services your ICO can develop transactions that aren’t influenced by the 3rd parties as the specifications will be outlined in the customized blockchain solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain Advisory Services
End2EndFactory’s enterprise blockchain advisory services help established companies optimize their ICO campaigns. Our blockchain consulting and evaluation services for enterprises include pre-sale investment strategy creation to ensure that adequate liquidity is maintained at the time of listing and maximization of investor exposure during the Initial Coin Offering’s (ICO) public launch. Our experienced team of experts will provide your enterprise guidance throughout the entire crowd-raising process. The advisory services during this process include the audit of documents as well as the provision of direct access to our wide network of investors. Your crowd-raise can directly access the global technical team, where End2EndFactory’s team can guide you on your token.
Our team of experts makes enterprise blockchain integration process extremely simple. End2EndFactory’s blockchain evaluation and consulting services team will evaluate the blockchain to determine the best possible solution suitable for your enterprise.

End2EndFactory Helps in Enterprise Blockchain Adoption
The blockchain adoption process for an enterprise can be tricky and complex. That’s where we come in to help the enterprises with our customized and simplest possible adoption trajectory. Our team of experts can not only devise an enterprise blockchain platform for your company but also produce an enterprise blockchain software system which serves various needs of the enterprise as well as create a viable enterprise blockchain solution.
End2EndFactory Helps Enterprises Get the Most Enterprise Blockchain Benefits
End2EndFactory provides enterprise blockchain consulting services and solutions for both enterprise architecture and blockchain enterprise software companies. With expansion in the scope of blockchain technology, solutions of enterprise blockchain will continue to consolidate its position in the market. We, at End2EndFactory, help enterprises to integrate a wide array of enterprise blockchain applications smoothly and easily, without creating disruption of business.

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