Blockchain Technology Experts

Is The Blockchain Technology Right For Your Business?

Blockchain technology is expected to become a key business tool for many industries. The benefits of blockchain technology are numerous, discover how blockchain can streamline and optimise your business.

  • Trust and traceability
  • Simplifying record
  • Goods provenance
  • Identity management
  • Transaction processing
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Minimizes or eliminates counterparty risks
  • Reduces transaction time and related fees.

Blockchain technology is actively being adopted worldwide in finance, health, retail and insurance, among others.

Power Up Your Business With Blockchain



We identify how to leverage blockchain to create a competitive advantage for your business. We explore use cases for your business operations and customers.


We provide all of the strategic, technical and delivery expertise needed to launch a successful blockchain proof of concept (PoC) and distributed ledger technology.


Blockchain delivery, improvements and support. Our experts develop competitive and innovative solutions to serve your needs and in the future.

Transform Your Ideas Into Reality and Generate Revenues.

Evaluate Your Idea


Our experts explore use cases that make sense for your business. We ask a series of questions to identify where your business needs intersect with blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Solution Design


Once the opportunity has been identified, our team will define the blockchain proof of concept, detailing the architecture and designing the framework of the blockchain solution.

Solution Development


Our blockchain designers and engineers create your highest quality blockchain PoC while respecting the agreed deadlines and budget.

Production Transition


From prototype to MVP to product deployment. Our experts use tried-and-true approaches to deliver your blockchain technology solution.

Improvements and Support


As your industry grows, End2End Factory is always available to assist you in further improving your blockchain technology solution, from internal changes up to the demands of your end users.

How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Industry ?

Our experience and knowledge of enterprise grade blockchain frameworks address a wide range of industry needs. Blockchain technology can streamline workflows, bring about transparency, alleviate fraud, and boost customer communication and experience.

Industry Examples:


  • Customer Identification
  • Prevent Fraudulent Traffic
  • Reduce Refund Claims
  • Eliminate Clearing Houses
  • Improve Efficiency

Supply Chain Management

  • Mitigate Fraud
  • Manage Inventory
  • Optimise Courier Costs
  • Automate Manual Processes
  • Detect Bottlenecks Fast


  • Dealer Network Management
  • Trade-in and Secondary Market
  • Customers Warranty and Complaints
  • Increase Service Parts Visibility
  • Tracing Faulty Parts


  • Adopt New Disruptive Business
  • Fronting and Captive Insurance
  • Tokenization of Risks
  • New Payment Models
  • Optimise Insurance Cycle


  • Proof of Identity
  • Reduce Counterparty Risks
  • Over-the-counter Trading
  • Payment Settlement
  • Financial Dispute Resolution


  • Smart Grids Management
  • Virtual Power Plants Management
  • Direct Peer-to-Peer Trading
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Transaction Cost Reduction

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